The gift of travel

What travel gives – in its purest form. What is it that travel actually gives us? Just a chance to unwind with a holiday to the beach? Or something deeper, and much more important? Is there a modern Travel craze? – Perhaps to some. It seems that a lot of people particularly the 18-35 year old age bracket are really getting out there and…

Fasching! (Carnival Season)

Fasching is Germany’s carnival season. In Bavaria where I live, it’s taken very seriously! It starts November 11th, and lasts a couple of months until Shroud Tuesday. It is basically a Roman Catholic and Christian Orthodox celebration. It’s a time where people let their hair down, dress up and drink lots of beer. Although not an official holiday, everything grinds to a halt around…

Added Portrait Page!

I have added a portrait page to my blog. Portrait photography is challenging for me, but I hope you like them! Click on the image below to see the gallery!

Another great trip to Vietnam!

We had another fantasitc trip to central Vietnam this year! I want to share some of the photos I captured from our trip. Most are from magical Hoi An where we stayed for a week. Click on th image below to see the entire album. Most of the images are taken with Sigma’s fanastic Art primes. Hope you enjoy!!

Australia album now up!

Hey everyone! I have created an album from Australia. I hope to make albums from all the places I’ve traveled, but this one is special. Australia is home to me, and I’ve lived here 15 years so far. Below are some tasters. Be sure to checkout the album here: Australia  

Lunar New Year in Melbourne

Its Lunar New Year and its the year of the Goat! There have been celebrations across the city of Melbourne. Today we went to China town, to get amongst the action! It seemed like there was loin dancing on every corner, it turns out that restaurants arrange to get the lion dance in front of their place for good fortune. the sound of the…