Portrait Gallery

For me, portrait photography is certainly to hardest form of photography. There are so many emotions, and other factors to consider. Its all about catching moments, moments that only hang around for a second! Still, you must face your fears! Below are some of my favorite portraits. Hope you enjoy them!

Product Gallery

Product Photography is the art of photographing items or products for business use or just for fun. Special lighting and sharp close focusing lenses is used to bring the best out of the product. Good product photography is essential for marketing and sales. Nobody wants to buy a product with a photo which looks as though it was taken on a phone!

Macro Gallery

Although I don’t get to do it as much as I’d like, I’m a big fan of close up photography. It is great fun to see the details of small insects, and their tiny world up close.

Landscape Gallery

Nothing like being in a beautiful part of the world, with nice light and a camera! Getting up early and going out with your gear to watch the sunrise is certainly always rewarding.