I have been dreaming of visiting Iceland – the most beautiful place in the world for years. In some ways its like New Zealand – the second most beautiful place in the world. Iceland has the Nordic charm, and scenery that boggles the mind. In places it feels like the last outpost before the nothing, and I suppose it is. The same country however can feel ultra modern and Scandinavian just a few hours away.

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  1. I came home a bit tired, made a nice cup of coffee for myself, placed myself comfortably in the sofa, and began exploring the new, exciting world of WordPress… ;)

    And then – it was your photos which appeared, Gorm!
    They drew me in – curious cat, me – until I found myself sitting there, staring at the screen, touched beyond tears by the magic and mystery of the world you share with us.
    So beautiful it seems unreal – and at the same time: inescapable true.

    I will probably never be able to visit that far-off land, and especially not during the winter, due to my cold-allergy. But the experience of it still lingers with me, even several hours later, as I am typing this … :) :) :)

    I also really like the way you write about it. Friendly and open and relaxing! :) And it’s kind of fun to think that you are Danish – and live in other countries, while I am Belarussian – and live in Denmark. :D

    So… donating a cup of coffee to you. And hoping that you will be especially inspired for your next photo shoot! :) :) :)


    • Dear Elena. Thank you so much for your donation, but mostly for your kind words. I am glad that my photography can bring a smile and a sense of wonder to you. Thanks again for your support, and as a follower you will receive the latest posts in your email.


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    • Thats great! Feel free to link and share my work. I would appreciated it very much if you let your friends and family know about my site.

      I will check out your blog a little more too!


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