New Travel Albums added

Hello everyone! I have been working on my travel albums. I now have ten albums! I of course hope to add many many more. Travel photography is my biggest passion, and there are many places yet to see. I have now added an album from Denmark in my travel photography section. Denmark is actually my country of birth, so I can’t miss it! I…

Germany Added!

Hello everyone, I have now added an album from Germany in my travel photography section. Click here to view a gallery

First Japan Trip

I have not posted anything in a while! We have been busy re-establishing ourselves in Bavaria, Germany. New job, home, car and lifestyle! There has been so much to do, and all my CF cards have been busting. But now I finally got my main computer back, and I’ve been busy processing my photos from the last 3 months. I hope to be more…

Big changes!!

Hey everyone! I must apologise for not posting any new material in a while! Luckily I have a good excuse, we are in the process of moving to Bavaria! Much of my equipment is being shipped here as I write this. We are frantically looking for a new place to live – not fun. The good news is that this is a wonderful and…

Another great trip to Vietnam!

We had another fantasitc trip to central Vietnam this year! I want to share some of the photos I captured from our trip. Most are from magical Hoi An where we stayed for a week. Click on th image below to see the entire album. Most of the images are taken with Sigma’s fanastic Art primes. Hope you enjoy!!

Finally starting my website!!

Guys, thanks for visiting! I have not yet got much on here, but stay tuned! I will keep adding bits over time!