First trip to Slovenia!

So it was long weekend (again) here in Bavaria, aren’t we lucky? We decided to go and see Slovenia, which is pretty close to us. We sent off Saturday morning by car with my camera gear, tent and sleeping bags bound for Bled, Slovenia.

Lake Bled at dawn. 5D Mark III | 45mm 2.8 TS-E | B+W CPL

Unfortunately, we soon realized we would not make Bled early afternoon as planned… the traffic was horrible. All of Germany was driving south. The highways were completely clogged. It took us until 6pm to get there. Note to self – go earlier next time! Anyways, we made it to Bled just in time for some dinner and some evening photos.

Lake Bled at dusk. 5D Mark III | 85mm 1.2L II | B+W CPL | Lee Pro Glass 0.9 ND

Bled is a wonderful area, and we spent a bit of time there, checking out the town, castle and surroundings before moving on to the south of Slovenia to see the world famous caves. The weather was awesome, and it was great to sleep under the stars. Next day we went to Skocjan caves, it cost 21 Euros each for the extended tour. While the cave was pretty awesome, paradise cave in Vietnam is more impressive. The main problem I have with Skocjan caves is that no photography is allowed in the main section.. even without flash. Yet, people can use flashlights in the cave. Lame. So all my photos is from the second part of the caves, where photography was allowed.

Škocjan Caves, Slovenia. 5D Mark III | 24mm 1.4 Art

We just had enough time to also see Slap Savica waterfall and surrounds. All is all it was really a great trip. Very friendly people, great scenery. Would highly recommend!

Chick here to see the full album from Slovenia!


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