The Versatile Blogger Award!

Versatile Blogger

I woke up this morning and had quite some notifications on my phone from my WordPress app…

Turned out I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Evangelina from She is hugely enthusiastic, and a great blogger, her photography is coming along very nicely. Please check out her blog.

To be completely honest, I had no idea what this award was.. so I quickly Googled it. As first it looked like a silly chain mail thing, but it really isn’t. I found this very useful!

The award is a great way for bloggers to connect, and for new bloggers to get some expose and recognition for their hard work. Its also a great way to find bloggers that share the same interests as you.

Evangelina has been hugely supportive of my blog in recent months. Its really great for have positive feedback about the posts you write, and the photos you take. Its something that I have underestimated. A Huge thanks to Evangelina for the nomination! I appreciate the recognition.

My Blog Journey

I started my site because I wanted somewhere to showcase my photography and share my experiences. I used to post my pictures to Facebook, but I really wanted somewhere a bit more…. Classy. So I made a few pages, some albums and an about page, and it remained like that for a long time. After moving to Germany I found a lot more time and will power to push my blog to the next level. I started to blog regularly and my site is now at a stage where I can say that I’m happy with it – but still lots to do!

As I posted more, I got more feedback, and this is really cool. For all the nervous bloggers out there, I encourage you to keep posting, keep improving your site, and good things will come.

My nominations are:

Kristian has a very lively blog. She seems like a lot of fun, and her site is very tidy. I really like per photographs.

Len has great photos and content on her site. Its very obvious from the moment you enter that he has worked very hard on it.

Bad Fish is a very complete blog, lots of good articles, good photos. Its really the writing that makes this blog special.

Hits home for me! Excellent photography and very clean site. Nice little blog.

Congratulations to the above!

7 Random facts about me

  • I suffer from LAS (Lens Acquisition Syndrome). I currently have 11, and still want more..
  • In my other life, I’m a Business Development Manager and Engineer.
  • I enjoy cold weather, despite living in Australia for more than half my life.
  • I grew up in Indonesia in an expat family and attended international schools.
  • I think of no-where in particular as “Home”. We currently live in Germany.. that’s pretty homely.
  • My book collection is 50% Lonely Planet.
  • My favorite travel photographer is Timothy Allan –

Versatile blogger award rules:

  • Publicly thank the person who nominated you, linking to their blog so everyone else can see how great they are.
  • Select up to 15 nominees you think are deserving this award and share links to their sites to share the love!
  • Tell all of these people 7 random things about yourself, and ask your nominees to do the same.
  • Publish Award rules and picture in blog post